Laser Marking

Laser Bonding

What Is Laser Marking?

Laser marking is a process used to mark stainless steel where a liquid compound is applied to the surface of the steel and with the application of a laser the compound forms a highly resilient bond with the surface of the metal. This is a highly effective way of producing an indelible black mark on the surface of the metal. The heat of the laser does not damage or alter the substrate.

How Do We Apply Laser Marking?

Rudd Macnamara use laser marking to manufacture nameplates particularly in the Aerospace sector. Fine images can be reproduced such as bar codes and QR codes. The process is digital and does not require print. This keeps set up costs low, and makes the process desirable for small quantity jobs.

It differs from the more widely known techniques of laser engraving and laser ablation in that it is an additive process, adding material to the substrate surface instead of removing it.

Benefits Of Laser Marked Nameplates

Rudd Macnamara offer laser marked nameplates that provide excellent properties:

  • Extremely durable and highly resistant to abrasion, chemicals, outdoor exposure, extreme heat, extreme cold, acids, bases and various organic solvents
  • Excellent print quality
  • Extremely cost effective

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