Chemical Etching

Chemical Etching

What Is Chemical Etching?

Chemical etching is a manufacturing process that uses acids, and in some cases alkalis, to engrave metal with exceptional detail. The process is very cost effective when compared to mechanical engraving and laser engraving alternatives particularly in higher volumes.

How Do We Apply Chemical Etching?

Rudd Macnamara have the capability to precisely etch metal parts - including aluminium, stainless steel and brass, from foils to thick gauges.

Etch and Fill

In this process, areas of the metal are etched away after which the products are either printed or filled with a paint which is cured onto the nameplate at high temperature, resulting in a very hard and durable finish. For engineering nameplates a black paint infill is usually required, but we also offer a choice of colours. Etched badges and labels can be printed to achieve great looking products.


This is a process where we combine our chemical etching capability with Ano-Print. By using polished aluminium we can create contrasting matt areas to create fine detailed images.

Our accurate, repeatable process is cost effective for all quantities, from prototyping to high volume production.

Benefits Of Chemically Etched Nameplates

Rudd Macnamara offer chemically etched and filled nameplates that provide excellent detail and performance:

  • Highly accurate process
  • Provides a very hard and durable finish
  • Include a range of colours
  • No mechanical force or heat is used during the chemical etching process, meaning material properties are unaltered and etched components are free from stresses and burrs
  • A very economical alternative to stamping, punching and laser etching

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