Established by Ernest Rudd in 1890 as an engraver and based in the heart of the United Kingdom's industrial area, we are proud of our 120 years of manufacturing heritage.

• We are specialist label / name plate manufacturer and printers, printing mainly on to metal and plastic substrates. Our print is often vac formed into various shapes and used in illuminated displays.
Screen printing, lithographic and digital printing are at the heart of our business.

• For the brewery sector, we make bespoke beer pump clips of all descriptions for front of bar branding along with keg lenses, printed bar signs and also promotional items. Back of bar branding is also a speciality

• Also we manufacture bespoke nameplates, rating plates, data plates, VIN plates, signs and labels of any description using a multitude of different materials and methods including etching and anodising.
  Anodised aluminium nameplates, etched stainless steel and brass labels / nameplates especially for the aerospace industry are a speciality. We also print and manufacture a wide range of decals and self adhesive labels.

We have facilities for sequential part marking and barcoding, such as dot peening of data matrices. We use Cognex Dataman readers devices as part of our marking process


• Rudd Macnamara is a BS EN ISO 9001:2008 certified company

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