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Aerospace Labels, Nameplates & Decals

Rudd Macnamara is proud to be AS9100 certified and approved suppliers to UTC Aerospace, HS Marston and Rolls Royce. We offer a range of label and nameplate processes which have been tried and tested in the Aerospace industry.

These include anodised aluminium labels and etched stainless steel nameplates, both of which can be uniquely marked for identification purposes

Full Traceability

We provide full traceability over materials, and we are able to provide FAIRs to meet your SQA requirements in the most efficient manner.

In addition we are also a member of the Midland Aerospace Alliance and we are registered with the IAQG OASIS on-line database.


We're also members of the following associations:

Aerospace & Defence Applications

We've helped a broad range of clients involved in the aerospace industry including:

  • Commercial aircraft builders
  • Military and defence aircraft builders
  • Turbine and engine manufacturers
  • UAV and drone manufacturers
  • Aftermarket manufacturers

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Rudd Macnamara is a Birmingham based screen printer and manufacturer of printed nameplates, labels, signs and brewery branded products. Talk to us today about your printed component needs.

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