Rudd Macnamara's aim is to provide;
- Quality solutions to suit your budget
- Products made to your specification
- High quality in-house manufacture
- Efficient technical support
- Outstanding customer service
- Technical innovation
- A solution which exceeds your expectation
•   Screen printing and lithographic printing
•   Full colour process
•   Fine half tones and vignettes
•   Surface and reverse screen with clean
    room facilities for instrumentation
    products and back-illuminated prints
•   Digitally printed images are now
    available to meet requirements
    for back illumination and standard
•   Pad printing, thermal fusion
     and resin doming complement
     the company's capability.

Cutting & Forming:
Punching and forming equipment enable Rudd Macnamara to manipulate metal prints and images to customer requirements, and we have many years' experience in the manufacture of embossed aluminium badges and labels. Vacuum forming capabilities enable high quality brand reproduction with particular expertise in print deformation techniques.

  Chemical Processing:
Rudd Macnamara has extensive facilities for etching, chemical etching of aluminium, brass and stainless steel and sulphuric acid anodising of aluminium.

•   Metals (aluminium, stainless steel,
•   Plastics (vinyls, PVC, polycarbonates,     mylar, polyester, acrylic, and PETG)
•   Foils (self adhesive)
•   Adhesives and protective films

Inks Systems
•   UV
•   Solvent
•   Anodic
•   Electro-luminescent
•   In Mould Decoration (IMD).

Part Marking Services
•   Sequential marking
•   2d data matrix - dot peen (rapidot)
•   UID - MIL STD 130

Industries we serve:
•   Aerospace
•   Engineering
•   Electronics
•   Electrical
•   Marine
•   Automotive
•   Promotional and Point of sale

Rudd Macnamara's investment in "State-of-the-art" and new emerging technologies has secured it's position as leaders in it's key markets, with a broad range of process capabilities to meet market needs.

Onsite Graphics design
We accept artwork supplied in Illustrator, Freehand, Photoshop and all other vector files.

Quality Assured:
Rudd Macnamara is certified to the international Quality Standard BS EN ISO 9001:2008 and also has a number of aerospace customer approvals.


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