Specialists in Industrial Graphic Nameplate & Label and Data plate Manufacture. Rudd Macnamara print using Screen, Lithographic and Digital printing technologies
Rudd Macnamara - rating plates,  data plates, name plates and label needs your one stop shop

  Industrial nameplates and labels

•    Complete service from design to    
•    New and innovative concepts creatively                produced using state of the art technologies
•    Screen printing, lithographic printing, and          digital printing for all your needs.
•    Broadest process capability in the industry -      etching, printing and sulphuric acid anodising
•    Quality control checks carried out at every           stage of manufacture
•    Extensive range of materials
•    Sequential permanent marking facilities
•    Experienced consultants available to                     discuss your needs
•    Quality service nationwide

    Visit the OUR SERVICES page for more     information about:
•   Printing processes and capabilities
•   Chemical Processing
•   Materials
•   Inks Systems


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• Rudd Macnamara is a ISO 9001:2008
certified company

If you have any questions please contact our technical sales team by calling 0121 523 8437 - our technical sales team are at your service or email your enquiries using the form on the contact us page.


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