Rudd Macnamara works with many leading companies. Below are a selection of Case Studies.
A leading aerospace company gave us
a prototype drawing and asked us to manufacture a new design for a family of inter-fitting parts. One part was to act as a bracket whilst the other parts which were tabbed would sit inside. We offer technical input such as the type of tooling required, and when the drawings were finalised, produced the parts to schedule. The design included etching to a proprietary specification, blanking and forming and finally 2D data matrix marking to customer specification. The parts were then released with certificates of conformities and First Article Inspection Reports.

An electronics company required overlays for their range of keyboards.

Information display
A local authority asked us to print information decals in self adhesive aluminium for their parking meters.

  Pump Clips
A leading UK brewer asked us to manufacture a pump clip for one of their leading brands. This involved liaising with the customer and their design agents to finalise a product design which could be manufactured within budget. Injection moulding tooling was specified by Rudd Macnamara and a metalised plastic carrier was commissioned. Aluminium badges were printed, embossed and varnished to give a glossy finish to the product. Assembly was carried out at our Handsworth site and the pump clips were packaged and dispatched to the customer on time.

Liz O'Hanlon, Managing Director of O'Hanlon's Brewery said:-
the pump clips were outstanding value for money and excellent quality, we will be using Rudd Macnamara

Illuminated Lenses. A leading drinks dispenser manufacturer asked Rudd Macnamara for some ideas for the graphics on the next generation fonts for an international brewer. Samples were printed on plastic and vacuum formed under different types of illumination before the product was signed off for production.

Des Gallagher, Marketing Manager for Marstons Beer Company said:-
The Marston’s Pedigree pump clip we believe embodies the spirit and integrity of the brand – and has been made by a team of craftsman who are as Proud of their Pedigree as myself

Point of Sale
A leading brand kitchen company required labels for their range of cookers including branding and gauges.

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